I am fascinated by architecture in all its variety; I love moving from ideas to analysis and the technical practicalities and seeing the ways in which they are interwoven. It’s inherently interdisciplinary and collaborative. It demands different approaches and ways of thinking and working, and that’s perhaps what I appreciate most.

My work is rich in atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on exploration and narrative. I aim for architecture which is rewarding and engaging, which creates its own sense of place and time, and which responds sensitively to the people around it.

In addition to my own projects featured here, I have worked for East, HLM Architects, and Pentan Architects.

The Weather Centre


Greenwich, 2016: museum and visitor centre

The Weather Centre which sits across from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Rather than looking at the stars, it studies the sky and tells the stories of meteorology. The  permanent exhibition spaces are wrapped around a sunken courtyard, while a pavilion housing the cafe and galleries reaches up and offers views out over the landscape.

Wharves and tunnels


Greenwich Peninsula, 2015-16: masterplanning

A pedestrian walkway links the O2 arena and the new developments along the peninsula to historic Greenwich via the wharves, creating a journey through time. It allows visitors to experience existing landmarks along the way in new and engaging ways, and introduces a series of pavilions along the route.



Cardiff, 2014-15: student support centre

This project proposes a multi-faith centre for students and staff of Cardiff university. It provides facilities including a gathering space, cafe, counselling rooms, and worship spaces. It is calm and secluded, a quiet place where students can meet and reflect away from the pressures of academic life.

On looking

Lyon, 2012: museum and aviary

The museum curates a series of screened cabinet rooms through which the visitor moves, travelling from a structured museum environment into an ethereal aviary in which scientific discourse gives way to mythology.

Personnel recovery centre

Brecon, 2010-11: masterplanning

A scheme beside the River Usk provides sheltered accommodation for recovering ex-service personnel, gradually leading them through the process of rehabilitation and re-integration into the civilian community.

Shrouded city

Trieste, 2011: urbanism

This sequence of investigations into the city of Trieste focussed on uncovering its layered past, from its geological formation to the urban forms, the textures and the texts.

Valley and climb

Aberdare, 2011: climbing centre

The climbing centre in Aberdare is a regeneration project, designed to provide a landmark building for the town and to engage the local population. It responds to both the landscape of the valleys and the townscape with a series of folded roof forms, and the scheme is imbued with the idea of adventure – of climbing up and looking down.

Learn landscape

Llangenny, 2009: primary school

This design, for a primary school in the Welsh village of Llangenny, take advantage of the topography of the site and the views down the valley. The buildings are clustered along a staggered spine and create a path which mediates between sheltered courtyards and open playing fields.

Colours in Cathays

Cardiff, 2009: urbanism

A study which focussed on the role and appearance of colour on the streets of Cathays, an area of terraced housing in Cardiff.  What were the colours?  Where did they appear?  What role did they have?  How did they contribute to the sense of place?