Katharine Edwards | architecture | Cardiff and London

Architecture is a fascinating, incredibly rewarding discipline, and I love the breadth of thinking it encompasses – everything from technical details to philosophical concepts, and all the mess of human life.  Built environments around the world reflect the interests and habits and hopes of their people.  Architecture gives us the scope to explore these relationships: it offers up the opportunity both to understand and to create.

I can draw and draft and make models, and sketch and edit and write. I also have a thorough grounding in architectural theory, and can generate and develop discussions which are interesting, complex and subtle.

I’m interested in words and images, cities and how they work, informal architecture, travel and adventure, the wild world, museum design, design for health, how to teach, how to think, and how to be in the world.  I like to walk, make models, think and talk, take long journeys, play with statistics, read about places, tutor, go to wildernesses, collage, listen to radio, hide in books, make plans, and learn.