Open space

Following on from my study of the journey, I’ve looked at a few of the spaces along it where the spaces break out a little and you can see the sky properly. Clapton Square, Newell Street and Limehouse Link all offer different moments, different views, different takes on the route. In the first the open space is a wedge between the Georgian buildings, tightly lined by them. The Newell Street junction is the meeting point of two roads and a canal, breaking the tight grain of the city streets with axial views down each. Limehouse Link, meanwhile, suddenly opens to the river, giving long views up and down the Thames.

They are pause points on the journey. Perhaps this change in tempo they invite is the key – they are moments to stop and look around, to take in the surroundings and orientate oneself.The more sky we can see, the more space we have, the more slowly we can pass through a place.