Bruce Grove

Inspired by ideas of duration and temporality, I’ve been thinking about the weather. It fluctuates, has its own rhythms and timespans and complex, chaotic systems, is irregular and only somewhat predictable – for all that we’re preoccupied with forecasting it, looking into the future, it still eludes us.

Temps is the French word for both time and weather.

And all this led me to Luke Howard, one of the first men to study the weather, the man who developed the classification system for clouds that we still use today. This is the current state of his former home in Tottenham, where he’s honoured by a blue plaque:

Image by John Agar.


It’s on the English Heritage’s “At Risk” register, and there’s a campaign by the Tottenham Civic Society, supported by the Cloud Appreciation Society, to save it in something resembling its current state.

My proposal, then, is for a small local museum celebrating Luke Howard and his work and, to the rear of the property, James Turrell-esque sky spaces which double as meeting halls or community rooms, with public gardens around them.