Clockmakers’ guild


A playful section for a design for the guild of clockmakers, which was established in 1907 at the instigation of a Mr Bahne Bonniksen with the object of elevating the trade to be seen as a learned profession. I’m still thinking about Greenwich; in a place with such a strong history of horology, it would seem to make sense to bring the current practice in to that world. It would add a new dimension of exploration and discovery to the museums, which for so long were a centre of scientific and technical experimentation.

I was hoping to provide a place which had something of a labyrinthine quality – thinking again about the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and his concept of labyrinthine time as something complex, something through which visitors find their own route and make their own stories, something full of multiplicitous connections. I’ve tried to pick this up in the architecture by bringing a series of different levels into the dome, by creating complex lines of sight and circulation routes which allow for a whole variety of different spatial relations to be explored. And, finally, I’ve tried capture some of intricacy of clockmaking, to reflect its technical history and to somehow give the sense of being caught up inside the mechanism of time.