Unit XIII of the Welsh School of Architecture’s MArch course is called Politics.

We want to talk about the basics of political behavioural systems in general and not only about how daily politics prostitutes itself, beyond its fundamentals, denying its origins in philosophical thinking, in context of history and presence. Daily politics, its performance and its outcomes seem to be of a rather bizarre nature, loaded with contradictions against provided theories and belief systems; nevertheless, this is part of our daily experience. In all this, the rock in the sewage shall be intellectual discourse, based on Political Philosophy.”

– extract from the Unit Brief, Jacob Hotz Hung.

We’re going to be reading Marx, and Deleuze and Guattari. The premise of the unit, really, is to interrogate different angles of thinking. It’s to analyse places to uncover their potential for change. It’s to find economic and political strategies to manipulate situations or circumstances.

Our work is likely to be on the urban scale – we’re looking at creating ideas and strategies, at developing approaches to the fabric of the city. Above all, we’re seeking to translate a philosophical position and a societal strategy into an architectural object.