Crazy Beautiful


I made this desktop for a friend recently.  He’s a climber and a mountaineer, and I hoped to get across the sense of exploration, of escape, of moving forward into the wilderness, and all the courage and simplicity that brings.   The horizontal lines across the image give a sense of perspective and distance and horizons.

Set against that are the columns of photographs, a reminder that we carry with us our own records, memories, of people and places and the times we have had – good and bad, messy and fun and silly and sad.  They’re there for our mind to develop, even as we are looking past them.

The words were the starting point for the work.  They come from an article by Cody Gohl, in which he says,

Life is crazy beautiful, but it is crazy and sometimes spins out of control. And that’s okay. That’s how it should be. It’s okay to lose the grip, to slip a little. Because we all do and maybe that makes it easier to forgive one another — people will disappoint you and wrong you, but they will also defend you and fight for you and bowl you over with kindness. We are all such radiant fuckups — we have to remember this and love one another for it. And even when it seems impossible, we have to be good to one another, to extend an open hand, to try to bring the light back in to illuminate the darkness.

So there it is: a piece which centres around ideas of regret and forgiveness, trust and loyalty, and the beautiful places we can go.