The Ursus is a floating crane, built in 1914 to lift engines into steamships and load cannon onto the Austrian naval boats.   It is 80m high, and could once lift 150 tonnes.  It floated through wars and conflicts, occupation and isolation.  It is the form of the ideas and ideals of the past built in steel.  It has lifted trains, rescued sunken ships.

Now it is rusted, derelict, abandoned by the Porto Vecchio in Trieste.  Sea to land, abandoned warehouses, abandoned ships. It once escaped – torn from its moorings, trailing steel cables, the giant surged out across the gulf.  Battered tugs battled to restrain it against the tearing winds.

The bora dropped; the beast was guided to the Porto Nuovo.  Old to new, always changing, movement beyond our control.  All we can do is react.