Well, I’m home for the holidays for all of, oh, five days.  

It’s accomplishing its objective, though, and removing me from design and studio for a bit.  Hopefully it’ll be enough for me to stop feeling quite so overwhelmed by big conceptual ideas and find it easier to pin down some real buildings when I get back.  

It’s also giving me a chance to look properly at a few other things: essay subjects, primarily.  I’m currently browsing though sources on museums in post-apartheid South Africa, particularly the work of Mashabane Rose Associates and Noero Wolff Architects, and considering using the Hector Pieterson Museum as my study.  

Hector Pieterson was a 12 year old boy shot on a political protest in Soweto in 1976.  The image of his brother fleeing with his body was captured by a photographer and became one of the defining images of the anti-apartheid movement.  The architectural intervention consists of a memorial – a testimonial and marker – and a museum with more of a narrative role.  As a subject, it has the potential to tie together a few different strands of investigation: architecture and media; architecture and death; architecture and memorial; architecture and transition in places and societies.  

I’m still at the reading-all-I-can stage, but I’m getting excited about it.  Wish me luck?