Brecon is a strongly military town.  There’s a huge army base at Sennybridge, 9km away.  Troops have been stationed there for 300 years, and it’s at the head of the army in Wales.  There’s a shortage of housing for soldiers in and around the town.

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice recently put their figures together and established that at least 3.5% of the prison population is ex-forces.  The number could be as high as 7%.

The weight of evidence concerning the difficulties ex-service personnel have in adapting to civilian life is huge, from organisations like Combat Stress who are dedicated to offering mental health support to veterans to moves by the MoD to improve services; the NHS and the BMA are discussing the problems of provision for forces.  There are pilot projects running around the country; there’s a new housing/training centre opening in Catteridge; there are Personnel Recovery Centres being built in brigade towns across the UK.
(from BMA News, November 2010)
So… I have a program.  It fits Brecon, it fits with the school, it fits the site, and it deserves a strong architecture.