Nature and Technology

It is a false dichotomy to present natural and the technological as contrary and opposite approaches is simplistic when each is so broad and complex a frame of ideas.
The claim is set out thus: the introduction of techne, of making, of using tools and mechanisms and applying them to change the physical world, is in essence a move away from the natural when the natural is considered to be that which would occur without interference. Yet surely it is natural to intervene in surroundings, to make shelter and comfort and paths and to dwell in the landscape in such a way that the act of dwelling leaves layers, a texture, weaves marks upon the land.
This is the sense in which the natural matters in architecture: in creating a legend of the previous inhabitation of a place, such that the people who follow will have the security of the knowledge of the existences and lives of the people who have gone before. 
Technology is a natural process; it is the application of craft to alter the environment.