For Aberdare


Aberdare is a valleys town, defined and shaped by its place among the hills. The sense of levels, of high and low, up and down, exposed and sheltered, is woven into it.  The drama of the topography is a part of the place, and of the way it is held in the mind.  The experience of ascent is exhilarating.

The climbing centre brings this sense of excitement and adventure into the town, inviting people to relate to their built environment with the same intensity and offering a point for exploration of the landscape to begin.


‘Respect for urban things brings with it the appreciation of corners and vacant spaces, of environments, scaffolding, railings, garages, basements and platforms, gateways and warehouses, ramps and railings, corridors and gardens and fences, not as anecdotes of a landscape but as urban forms that today’s architecture frenetically produces even though lacking a name so far.’

– Manuel de Sola-Morales, A Matter of Things